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You have already come a long way on your own initiative ... but at the moment things are stalling in progress. Be it on your own life, as well as in the development of organizational goals.

PRE-Consult has specialized in systemic and results-oriented development, by implementing the necessary steps individually, coordinated at partner level.

Tamara Heusser

My strengths in working with people and organizations are my quick comprehension, analytical thinking in combination with intuition and my strong focus on processes and results.

In my understanding, leadership is primarily to serve and enable, and secondly to be a role model and self-discipline combined with reflection.

Two decades of professional experience in the industry.


  • Establishment and further development of organizations in Switzerland and abroad

  • Management and development of organizations in industrial environment

  • Experience in administration, security, military, science and research

  • Dealing with organizations in multicultural environment

  • Development and implementation of management programs in the industrial environment of SMEs and corporations

Linda Premerlani
Rat & Tat im Gesundheitswesen

I think quickly both in depth and in breadth. I use the animal as a mirror for humans. "Those who can lead horses will have similar experiences with people." Accordingly, I put process and leadership into practice in a situational manner.

Two decades of professional experience in healthcare give you the following skills:

  • Setup and further development of quality management systems

  • Management and development nursing science

  • Practical experience in medical and surgical care

  • Concept and implementation of care infrastructure such as hospitals and retirement homes

  • Development and implementation of management programs in the care sector

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